Saturday, July 9, 2011

You guys are AWESOME!

Okay, you see there? That's my blog's "audience" for today. Now, I don't actually know anyone in Singapore, but whoever is looking at my blog from there, you guys are awesome!

And you know what else I think I have to do? I have to put up a special shout out to Cat :D.  Why? Because, this week, her blog (which is here, and awesome, by the way) has given me like, five views. (that's a top source, considering most places only give me one. ;) )
So, yeah. Thank you! *waves*

I also want to say thank you to my Grandpa for the awesome email he sent me. Thanks!

Also... to all my 37 followers..
You guys are all amazing. All of you.
I was ten when I started this blog. That was four years ago. (long time.) And honestly, when I first sat down, wearing my "My Game, My Rules" t-shirt (I didn't know what I wanted to name my blog, so my mom took the words off my shirt... that shirt is now a purse... just fyi), I had no idea what followers were, much less that I'd eventually have more than, say, three. So, you guys are really awesome. It's always really cool for me to sit down and look, and say, "hey. At least 37 people are reading my blog. That's a lot.".

Anyway, that's about all I needed to put up here today.
(oh, and crossed some stuff off on my summer bucket list. Huzzah!)

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Cat :D said...

Yay!! Thanks for linking to my blog! And for the shout out :D I love your blog ;)