Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eight Totally Overrated Things in My Life

So, yesterday I was thinking about how everyone kept bothering me about going to dance, and I realized that dances are completely overrated. Then I realized that other things in my life were overrated. Then I realized that a lot of things in my life are overrated. Then I decided to write a blog post about all the overrated things I could think of easily.

  1. Dances. Because we all need another way to spend our parents' money on pointless dresses we'll only wear once, get our toes stomped on, start losing our hearing from loud music crappy, pointless sounds with inappropriate lyrics, increase our chance of diabetes by drinking copious amounts of soda, and wake up feeling like like we were hit by a truck. Right. All those in favor, raise your hands!
  2. Best Friends. Alright. I'll admit that this one is partly from my jealousy of those who actually do have best friends. (Therefore, I write an irritating narrative about best friends on my blog. That's just how I roll.) But there really are some overrated facts about best friends. Like the fact that you're mainly leaning on one person. Hello? That can't be fun for the friend, now can it? You try being the main support for someone's sanity, and see how that works for you, kay? Secondly... Have you noticed how many times it's the best friend who back-stabs you? In my humble opinion, it's best to have several close friends, rather than the "one and only best friend".
  3. Dystopian Novels. I have to say. Teenagers must have the least reactive emotional state ever. Or maybe they're just stupid. At least, it certainly seems so, because one would think that a person, after reading so many books set in "An imaginary place where everything is as bad as it can be", the reader would become thoroughly depressed and would stop reading such reading material. But noooooooooo. The teens of this day and age seem to inhale distopian novels like their lives depend on it. I wonder what effect it's having on their internal emotional state.
  4. Hating Twilight. Because that's a nice thing to do, criticizing someone's hard work. Does anyone stop to think that maybe Stephenie Mayer is simply disillusioned? Or maybe she's a tad insane. Either way, no one seems to consider the fact that it's pretty hypocritical to be going around cursing Twilight and vampire romances, at the same time they're listening to My Chemical Romance, Justin Beiber, or some other band equally ingrained in pop culture.
  5. Hating Math. You hate math. Why? Because it's hard. And yet you don't hate skiing? Or crossword puzzles? Or video games? Or science? Or reading? You hate math, and you persecute math geeks, yet you expect all your clothes to fit? Can we say hypocrite?
  6. Being Silly/Hyper (Girls). I don't know what girls expect being stupid/silly/hyper/overly energetic is going to get them. A guy? Let me tell you, from my experience, the guys I've all talked to prefer it when a girl is actually being herself, not some sugar coated dumbed down version. Or maybe I just have weird guy friends. But anyway, I have to say, the only people I know who aren't bothered by pointless silliness are the other pointlessly silly people. Maybe that's a good thing. I digress.
  7. Celebrities. Well, surprisingly, this is one of my least overrated overrated things. Some celebs actually deserve their fame. But some *cough* Paris Hilton *cough* really have no claim to fame at all. If we're going to have celebs... Then at least let them be good celebs! If we're going to take basically normal people, inflate their egos and their personas until they basically take over the world... Then at least let them be people who deserve it! And if we can't even do THAT... Then at least remember that they're just people! All that stuff about how "regular" people aren't as attractive as celebs? Rubbish. Trash. Null. Incorrect. Degrading. Irritating. Untrue. False. Take your pick of words... it's going to come to the same thing.
  8. Romance. Thirteen/Fourteen year olds should not be focused on romance. That's all I have to say.

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