Wednesday, June 9, 2010

scout school, day three.

Scout school, day three!! (aren't you guys proud of me for posting every day? I know I am.)
Today we worked on plant badges. Remember those plants we bought yesterday? Well, we finally got around to planting them! Those pictures are of the pots. I planted two, and Ken planted one. It was quite messy, but fun. I moved some Oregano and Chive over from my mom's garden, and planted marigolds (Around the tomatoes- the pests that like tomatoes hate marigolds) and the cucumber and tomato plant. Ken planted a bunch of flowers, and some oregano. :P
Ken and Chris also looked at ants. Just thought I should explain that picture of Christina and Ken, with Chris holding a magnifying glass.
We also looked at other ways to plant things. (besides seeds, that is.) This wasn't particularly new to me- the asters in my garden are planted from plantlets, and the seedum that is practically taking over my garden was planted from a bit that my mom accidentally cut off when she was weeding her side garden. We planted some african violets, by using their leaves. those are in the pictures. We also took spider plant runners (everyone sing with me- spider plant, spider plant, where are you coming from, spider plant) and planted those (those are those white and light green plants that have lots of thin leaves.) and we took roses and started trying to root those, too.
Then I was given an assignment to write a paper/report on different types of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. I haven't finished it yet, but when I do, I'll post it. Promise. (not that I expect it to be very interesting, but whatever.)

that top picture is just one that I thought that you guys would like- that's my 2 year old sister, Monica. She's showing us her gloves. :D (and she was doing that without me asking her to pose or anything, which is really cool.)

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