Tuesday, June 8, 2010

scout school, day two

Scout school: day two!
Today we worked on things with plants. I know according to the pictures that it doesn't look like we did, but we did. Today I went to Lowes and got some plants for these giant pots we have in the front of our house. I'm going to pick one, and plant things in it. :) pretty cool. We got bush cucumbers, bush tomatoes, some seeds for herbs, and I'm going to transplant some herbs from Valerie's garden there, too.
I also tested the soil of our gardens. According, it's pretty much either neutral, or middling in all of the tests. Figures.
When I got home, my mom took us on our fieldtrip. It was to the grocery store. I know that sounds really homeschoolish, and really stupid, but it was amazing. We went to Super fresh market, which is an ethnic grocery store. There was like, everything. There were fruits and vegetables we hadn't even heard of, and walls and walls of things like beans and rice and noodles. Lets see. The first picture below the picture of Christina making a "ew, this is gross" face, is a picture of a wall of beans. I'm not even kidding. All those packages, every single one, are filled with beans. The one below that is a picture of a wall of ethnic juices and drinks. It was quite interesting, they all looked to be made out of strange fruits. (couldn't tell, the names were written in what appeared to be Spanish.) After that is the picture of the wall o' noodles. Lots and lots of noodles. And you see those huge white bags, in the next picture? Those are all rice. And while that appears not to be much, let me tell you that those bags are quite large. They are about as large as... 8 "regular" bags of rice. After that is a freezer of fish. On the left is fish. On the right is squid. Yes, frozen squid. The twirlers in the next picture are of fortune cookies. O.O
The picture after the fortunecookie one, has my mom and my sister Monica in it. They are standing next to a huge barrel of pinto beans. Like, a barrel about as high as my waist, and about as large around as... I don't know. It was a long ways around. They are also next to this huge table full of beans. Those huge sacks on the table are all filled with the beans, lentils, and corn. There was also a huge assortment of them, of every color, shape, and size.
The next one is of our shopping cart, and the stuff we got. (a squash/melon thing, yuca, butter, beans, and papaya.)
When we got home, we poured the beans and lentils we bought, and had on hand, into a muffin tin, and bowls. They were quite pretty, so we took pictures.
we then took cardboard, and, using glue and pens and sharpies, drew a simple picture on it, and outlined it in glue. Then we took the beans and lentils and put them on a glue. I think you can figure out whose is whose. (mine is the one with pi on it). They are quite neat looking, I think.
so, yeah. we finished most of our scout school today, but left some over, too, for tomorrow.

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