Friday, June 11, 2010

scout school, day three.

this should have been posted yesterday- sorry for the delay!

Today (*cough* yesterday) I worked some more on my plant and wildlife badges. We went to this other forest preserve, which has lots of wildlife. While we were there I had to talk to naturalist. So, I interviewed "Jeff" and learned that you have to go through 2 years of "school" after you graduate to become a naturalist. I also learned what he did at the forest preserve.
After that I went outside to sketch/observe wildlife. I chose a squirrel because there was this huge feeder. it was like a box, with seed in it, and the squirrels were all over. Then we walked around, and did a bit of letterboxing. While we were trying to find one letterbox, we found this really cool place, with this sort of pavillion. That's what that picture is of up there. The roof was so neat, that I took a picture of that, too. (top picture) and I think I have to include somewhere like that in Cicily's story. While we were at that neat little place, this turtle came lurching up into the grass. I say lurching, because that's how they move. They lurch. And we thought it was really neat, and all tried to sketch it. We mostly failed. It kept moving (quite quickly- turtles can actually go pretty fast when they want to.) It was quite funny, though, because Monica and Kenneth kept chasing it. My mom took a picture of that, too.
Also, while we were there, there were these two deer. They were really close to the path- I have to say something like four and a half feet.
I decide to take a picture. The deer won't look at me, which is quite frustrating.
Kenneth decides to help me, and let out a squeak.
the deer look up, apparently bored and stare at the camera for a bit.
Monica, seeing that what Kenneth did didn't scare the deer one little bit, starts screaming. As in, ear piercing "someone save me I'm dying" sort of scream.
The deer look up, with huge eyes. They don't move, but simply stare at my sister. If they could talk I would swear they'd be saying "Why is this little girl screaming?" "Be quiet!" "Why must you ruin such a day with noise?" and the like.

so, yeah. It was a pretty cool place. fun fact: my aunt and uncle had their wedding reception at the same forest preserve.

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