Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Birthday party pictures!!!

This is everyone up there^ !!! Shannon, Sarah, KT, Linda, Valerie, Elena, Eva are on the left, Isabelle, me, Christina, Ken, Monica, Vivian, and Mae are on the right.

Sarah, KT, and Linda looking normal....

and... them being themselves.
Linda, you look remarkably quiet and composed and NOT hyper!! (You'd never guess she had like... four cans of soda. With caffeine and sugar. would you.)
This is Shannon. Blurry picture, but whatever. :) Hi Shannon!
Isabelle! Those aren't good manners! himph! (she's sticking her tongue out if you can't see it, lol.)
Eva whose name is really pronounced "Ava"... Hello!!!
Sarah. And her pink hair.
And the C group (Christina, Sarah, Isabelle, and KT)- all of them blondes!
and there they are again...
And again...
AND AGAIN. Geesh. Those blondes. They're so drated photogenic. Just sayin.
Don't they look grouchy? (just kidding!)
there they are!! wwwaaaayyyy far away. :) That's the B group- Valerie, Elena, Linda, and Eva.
okay. the little dude is Kenneth. The girl who is in the blue shirt but you can't see her face is Mae. The Asian girl is Vivian. the girl in pink is Shannon, and the dork who is waving around is yours truly.
and we're on a bridge....
And we're still on a bridge...
it was a really long bridge, okay? And apparently it was a good photo spot. :P

so, yeah. Those are the pictures from my party! Yay for all of us! *throws confetti*


Aint' life grand? said...

SWEEET! I look like such a retard, but it's funneh LOL! :PP :)))

Cat said...

the pictures are epic awesomeeee. fun parteh. thanks for inviting me angelaaaaa!