Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bird in the swimming pool!

I am one of the designated dog walkers for my family.
I was on the computer, talking with friends, when my mom told me to walk the dogs. sure. whatever. so, I got up, and walked the dogs as usual.

for this story, we need some back story. We have this blue plastic kiddy pool. We have it filled with water right now, because it's hot, and we need places to cool down. It's right under the cotton wood tree in our backyard right now.

So, here I am, walking Carmen. just normal. Take her out- and I was walking back, and we happened to pass the pool. And trying to get out- nearly drowning, is this little baby robin. So, I run inside, and get my mom.
"MOM!" I yell. "There is a bird in the pool!"
"There. is. a bird. in the swimming pool trying to get out."
We go (quickly, but not running) outside, and we get to the pool. The bird is barely above water now- more like floating. My mom scoops the bird out, and she puts it on the ground. The bird starts opening and closing it's mouth, and we stare at it for a minute or two.
"what should we do with it?" my mom asks.
"I don't know."
we stare at it for a minute longer.
"She can't fly... but we should let her dry out," says my mom.
"okay..." I say, in a hesitant voice. "Where? is there somwhere we can bring her?"
"I don't think so, she's just a baby robin."
"I'm going to put her by the tree."
"but what if the dogs eat her?!"
my mom is quiet for a little bit, and we watch the bird, who has stopped moving.
"I think I hear the momma bird chirping at us."
I'm quiet, and I can hear a very angry sounding robin's chirp. "yeah."
"Maybe if we move her, and she dries out, the momma can take care of her."
we stare at the bird.
"What," I say, "do you do when a bird falls into the swimming pool?"
"I don't know!"
my mom seems to decide something, and she starts petting the bird.
"is she alive, mom?"
"I don't know."
I crouch down next to her, and start moving some of the grass from around her head. my mom bends her wings back closer to her body, from their stretched out position. The bird doesn't look so good.
"I'm going to move her by the bushes... poor baby bird. They really have it tough, don't they."
My mom scoops up Robin, and walks over to the bushes. She places her in the sun next to one.
"this way she'll be out of the way, and if she starts peeping, the momma bird can find her."
I say nothing.
"Lets hope she starts peeping," my mom says, in a tired voice, and we go back inside.

And it's been 15 minutes since I went inside. I haven't gone back outside to check on her (I don't want to like, scare the "momma bird" away or something) but I'm really worried. I hope she's alive...

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