Friday, June 11, 2010

Painting my walls

So, my walls were really boring. Not ugly- they are a pretty color of green, but boring. And because they're made of cement (?) I can't hang things up on them. Tape won't stick, so zip to posters, can't hammer anything into it, so no to pictures and mirrors as well. One thing that works is paint. My mom and I get this Dover catalog sometimes. They have little samples of what's in each book, and there was this really cute faery sitting on a leaf petting a butterfly. I copied it from the book into a notebook, then on the wall using pencil. Then I went over it with sharpie (love sharpies) and then let it sit. Today I finally remembered that the paints just might be in the CRAFT CLOSET (wow, giant shocker I'm sure) and painted it. So, that's Aimee the faery. She's sitting on a mushroom instead of the leaf because 1. the leaf was really hard to draw looking and I was tired, and 2. I like mushrooms.
Besides Aimee, I also painted this scroll like thing above my bed that says "ANGELA" and has flowers on either side. it's completely blue, except for the flowers' petals, which are light purple. *hugs room* it looks a lot less boring.

oh, and this is all thanks to my mom. I didn't get her approval before I drew on my walls, but when I was painting Aimee, she came downstairs, and didn't get all upset. So, yeah. Thanks mom for letting me draw and paint on my walls. :D


Mizz Ali said...

haha thats SO cool

Cat :D said...

Cute! :P


Annaxandria said...

Spelled fairy wrong.

Angela said...

@ Ali: thank you! *bows*

@Cat: thank you, as well! *curtsy*

@Annaxandria: no, I didn't! Faery. fa-er-y. It's the way I spell fairy. :D you are forgiven, however. *grins*

Annaxandria said...


Should of thought of that.

Angela said...

no problem. :D I get that a lot.