Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Deepest Apologies to Matt, KT, Cat, and Anyone Else Whose Blog I Have Viewed Recently.

I love getting comments.
In fact, I thrive on comments. I get a comment in my spam (yeah, blogger crap goes to spam), and I light up.
I don't know.
(Voice In My Head: I do! I like it because it means people are reading what I like. And that they obviously don't think I'm too snarky/sarcastic/annoying/idiotic/pathetic to ignore my blog! I like it because it boosts my ego! Because it means I'm special! Because-  Me: shut up.)

But anyway, I love comments.
So, usually, I try to repay the people who comment on my blog, by reading and commenting on their blogs.
(I apologize. The only blogs I reguarly check are Wak3 and g0, The Lonesome Crayon, Insanely. -Cat, My Place My Space, Through Thorns, (sometimes) Epic Bob, Nairam of Sherwood, and sometimes, I'll Make My Own Path, Thanks.)

So, yesterday, I was trying to comment on a post that one of you had written. In fact, I tried about three times.
In fact, the scenario went as such:

Me: [tries to post comment]
Blogger: Please choose Profile.
Me: um... [clicks 'Google']
Blogger: You are not authorized to view this page. Please sign out and try again.
Me: [signs out and tries again]
Blogger: You are not authorized to view this page. Please sign out and try again.
Me: ... [signs out and tries again]
Me: Stupid... Freaking... [gives up]

One would think I would have learned my lesson.
But no.

See, I simply decided that my friend had comment posting turned off... Or only so that he could post.
Okay, I thought, I'll just tell him it was a good post some other way.

Fast forward a day.

Checking the blogs I follow, I noticed that there was a new post on The Lonesome Crayon. Since this is one of those blogs I actually do read, I decided to [gasp] look at the post.
So I did.
Reading through, I wanted to comment on the Western Civ chapter, and say that, "Well... The only real comment I have on the Western Civ chapter is that it's very... Bloodthirsty."

Yet again, Blogger defied my every try to post a comment.
In fact, it wouldn't even show me a preview showing my name as "Angela". Only "Anonymous."
I don't actually think that both of these bloggers have comment posting turned off.

So, here are my deepest apologies.
[hands reader a box]

The End.

The Moral of This Story is...
You probably won't be getting any comments on your posts from me until I can figure out what the [beep] is wrong with my blogger/google account. If you really, truly, and severely need my opinion on your posts...
I will be very honored.
And, you will be better off just pestering me in whatever way works for you... Email, text, in person, over forum, whatever... Until I finally give you my comment.
That's all. :)


Cat said...

I did check my settings, it should be all okay, just wanted to make sure it wasn't me--- but it's no big deal!!! :)

Also, Bloodthirsty western civ homework? Darn, why aren't I taking that class ;P

lucyclark;D said...

aww, i love getting comments too! xD

The Lonesome Crayon said...

Hahahaha, okay XD I liked the chapter!!! XD

Rose said...

OhhhhmiGOD! this is the exact thing tht has happened to me! my blog doesn't believe that ive signed in, so there r a number of blogs id love to post on but cant :( it makes life very difficult, but ive tried everyhting and i dont thin theres a solution! >:| thanks for the awesoem post (: x