Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello, everyone!

In case anyone's curious why that video is up there... No reason really... It's just really catchy. And I like it. :)

Moving on.

School! Considering the fact that most of my friends have been posting about how much homework they have, I think I'll jump on the opposite bandwagon and say..

I have just the right amount of work!
In fact, I finished almost all my work by noon today... All I still have to do is do two easy Western Civ tests, read some more of Paradise Lost (not as hard as some make it out to be, although I know I'm not 'getting' everything), read a sheet on Socrates, and 'answer' some philos-off-ic-al-ish-y questions.
Which I can all do before dinner, if I can motivate myself to do more than repeatedly listen to feel-good Superchick songs. ;)

Mainly, it helps that I have sort of a schedule. Sort of. Several of the days I have "extra homework", which basically means whatever I feel like doing... Any homework I really ought to have done, but haven't, or... nothing!
I hope this little program has been a nice change from "toooooo muuuccchhhhhhhh homework..."


Optimists live longer. ;)

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