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Earring Tutorial/The Farm/Stealing Cat's Post

As you can see from the title of this post, this is going to be a really, really lengthy one today. Sorry about that, but I haven't blogged in two weeks... Although I did read about five books, write a blog post, write the first chapter of Alyssa's book, and basically be a slug.
But I really need to blog. So this is going to be long.
Just so you know.

First of all..
A tutorial!

So, when we went up to the farm, we were going to play Dungeons and Dragons. As the people who know me, and my gaming style know, my family and I play with tiles and figurines, most of the time.
My sister, Veela, had been using a cat figurine instead of a mini, so she asked my mom and me to get her a mini while we were out. (We were going shopping.)
We stopped in one of my favorite hobby shops (it's not creepy!), but, alas! Wizards of the Coast is no longer making the minis!
This is tragic.
But, we had told Veela that we would get her a mini, so that she didn't have to play a cat, in place of her human rogue.
Debating what to do, we went to Target, and looked around. We found these tiny rubber toys (they have a name, I don't remember it), that look like they're on their way to becoming popular.
They were the right size.
Not only that, they were cute!
So, my mom got two packets... One with Cinderella figures, and one with characters from Marvel comics. When we got back, we gave Veela the Cinderella figure to play with, and then opened the rest.

The thing about my brain is that I get the weirdest, most random ideas out of nowhere. I had already claimed the Spiderman figure as mine, and I also took Captain America (which I later traded for Wolverine. He's cooler.)
But, back to this paragraph's point...
The first thing I thought when I saw the figures? "I could totally make those into earrings!"

So, as soon as I got home (no, literally, it was about an hour after we arrived), I gathered my supplies, and ended up with an epic new pair of earrings. :)

Here's the tutorial.

Step One:
Gather Materials
Materials Needed:
2 Small rubber figurines (I'll put up the name when I remember it)
A hammer
A nail.
Two of those pins/wire things (I do know the name of them. But again. My brain seems to MIA today.)
Two earring hooks
A jewelry tool/pliers (that would be those red handled things.)

Step Two:
Punch a hole through the figurines using the hammer and the nail.

Step Three:
Remove nail.

Step Four:
Insert wires into figurine, with the circular end on the bottom.

Step Five:

Push wire all the way up, so that the circular bit disappears into the divot on the bottom of the figure. (In other words, you're shoving it up where the sun don't shine. If you pardon the image.)

Step Six:
Add the earring wires. (I don't have a tutorial for this yet, but it's fairly easy.)

Step Seven:
Repeat with other figurine.

Step Eight:

*end of tute*

Next subject.
The Farm.
The farm is amazing. It's this old farm house in Wisconsin, about four hours away from my house here. It's quite hideous on the outside (well, some of the inside too) but all in all, I love it.
I'll have pictures soon, of my room up there.

*Next subject*
Stealing Cat's post.
So! My friend Cat/Linda has a post up... About 50 random facts about her. Only she only has 25. So I'm going to try to beat that. (Maybe I'll even get 26! Woot! haha). Here goes. (Feel free to skip this. If you want. And you don't mind my minions hunting you down. And all that jazz.)

  1. I have Lyme's disease.
  2. I have been playing piano since I was 6.
  3. For some inexplicable reason, I'm considered to be funny, and have actually managed to summon up some weak laughter from some. And of course, some people just start crying. I guess it's my lame attempt at humor...
  4. I am, in fact, made of ice cream, and will melt if left out in the sun too much. (Alas! I am not ice cream invented by Mr Willy Wonka.)
  5. I am not above making fun of myself, and will in fact, do just that as frequently as I possibly can.
  6. I am not above making fun of High Schoolers, and will make as many jabs in their direction as is humanly possible. (Though, they probably think I'm joking... They're too stupid to realize that not all of us teenagers think we're the greatest things since QWERTY phone keyboards.)
  7. I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was around 8 years old.
  8. I text way too much than I should.
  9. My favorite words are "Autodidact" "Decrepit" "Victimize" "Homicidal" "Pizazz" "Fabulous" "Onomatopoeia" "Java" and "Spectacular".
  10. I want to be a professional blogger.
  11. I will develop superpowers by the time I'm 18.
  12. My favorite superhero is Spiderman, and my favorite hero is Batman. (He isn't a superhero... he has no powers besides being fabulously rich.)
  13. I have the Animanics "Presidents" song memorized up to Woodrow Wilson.
  14. the Animaniacs are my heroes.
  15. I still have not finished reading the Lord of the Rings.
  16. The Hobit, however, is a good favorite.
  17. I believe that most YA books are idiotic, stupid, fluffy, and altogether a complete waste of time.
  18. However, I do not read Adult books, because I find some of the content to be similar to that of the YA.
  19. My favorite Mystery books are Nancy Drews.
  20. I read Murderous Maths for fun.
  21. Veela or my mom and I can recite the Horrible Histories "Alexander the Great" from heart.
  22. I am transformed into a triumphant knight every time I go up the stairs with a broom.
  23. I wave at everyone on roller coasters.
  24. I am, in fact, a trendsetter.
  25. I am totally the meanest.
  26. My secret ambition is to become Legolas and kick butt.
  27. I am a Whovian in training.
  28. Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mythbusters, Merlin, and River Monsters are the only TV shows I will watch.
  29. My favorite number is 2,763.
  30. I think I come off as being cooler than I actually am.
  31. I have had exactly two people cite me as being the smartest person they've ever met.
  32. I don't believe in being smart.
  33. I can literally spend hours playing piano.
  34. My best friends in the world are Hydrocortisone Cream, Fashy (my hot waterbottle), Mr Heater, my Dictionary, and SCOTT.
  35. I'm not really a dog person.
  36. I used to own over 10 fish, and they were the best thing to happen to me since I discovered notebooks.
  37. I am obsessed with office supplies and Alaska.
  38. I have set up a psychic connection between me and my friend's dog, who is secretly an alien.
  39. Up until three or four days ago, I had exactly 149 books on my bookshelf.
  40. I love ancient books.
  41. My favorite vampire book is Carmilla, which is about a lesbian vampire.
  42. The most likely conversation I am to have with anyone is what their plans are for the ZA.
  43. I very recently started considering a career as a mathematician.
  44. For some reason, mathematician makes me think of top hats.
  45. One of the nicknames my family has for me is "Angela I-Need-Another-Bandaid J---------"
  46. If I were to change my name, I'd change it to Cassandra.
  47. I do not have a regular sense of humor... "Funny" books rarely come of as being funny, but things that happen in real life that no one finds funny, crack me up.
  48. Beans are the best thing since beans.
  49. I often use the words "queer" and "gay" in their original meanings... Queer meaning "strange" and gay meaning "joyful" and "happy".
Yeah. I could have thunken up one more. But I didn't feel like it.
Anyway, it's bed time.
Ta ta!
(Heigh ho... do you know... the names of the US residents... who then bcame the presidents...)

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