Wednesday, January 21, 2009

play practice

today I have play practice, and I also have a lot of homework.
also, every day I am going to try to read an hour of a World War Two book, because if I write a book report about it, it will count for my American History, and if I read six hours, I can apply for some six flags tickets. That will be cool. Valerie and Christina are also trying to get it.
I hope that they can, because then we will have enough tickets for my mom, my dad, another adult, and three kids! I don't know who is going to get the extra ticket. anyway, that is in the future. so, I actually have to do my homework now. bye.


Cat said...

Coolllll. I'm to old to do the Six Flags reading program thing. :( But I might get season pass, which would be totally sweetness. We gots to go together. It will rock. Lol.

Yeah, I just finished my report for history. Henry. Ford. is. amazing. BUT BORING!!!!

SEP said...

I'm too old for the Six Flags thingy also :(