Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy New Year!!!

how are you everybody!! so, happy 2009!!!
my mom says that next year, in stead of saying two thousand and ten, we will be saying twenty ten. I saw a commercial which had it wrong!! so weird! anyway, last night was fun. we had our friends over, and then we drank kitty cocktails, (really good., non alcoholic.) and we drank sparkling cider. (Vivian thought that was really horrible tasting.)
and we played karaoke, even my dad. (that was funny, my mom had the female singer and was singing the male part, and my dad had the male singer, and was singing the female part. it was really funny. :)
also we had fun playing downstairs, we dressed up really crazily.
so, that was basically my whole new years eve.
now I have to do a stinky time line about world war one. blag. and I have to get it done by Monday.

how to make kitty cocktails...
you need seven up, or sprite.
and maraschino cherries.
pour some seven up into a glass, and add some grenadine. then stick a cherry in it, and there you go! a kitty Cocktail!

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Cat said...

Hey Ang,
Glad u had a good new years eve, so did I! Cute blog background. Yeah, I did the timeline, my only advice is to not use every little thing u c on it. :) Anyway, Hapy 2009.