Monday, January 5, 2009

baby sitting

so, basically, I want to learn how to baby sit.
the reason I want to is that I want to buy myself an ipod shuffle.

I looked them up in the adds, and they are about fifty dollars. I have fifty dollars, but I prefer to keep it in my bank account. so, yes, thats why I want to learn to baby sit. I guess this a random post, considering it doesn't really have anything important in it. so, here is the important part.

so, whats new?
there isn't much here except I don't want to do my math. blah. anyway, I also want my mom to stop reading over my shoulder.
so, I have been reading my friends blogs, all except Linda's (sorry Linda!), and guess what?
they still haven't posted!!
so, here it is.
get a move on, and put up a post! I enjoy reading your blogs, but I would like it better if you would post.
thats about all.
except, check out this site: ,if you go on, check the crowded areas for me, my thingy is
thats it!
so, ta ta for now!

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