Saturday, January 10, 2009

blah, I should be doing something else....

hello everyone! so, I should be doing my American History Questions, but I am not, as you can probably guess. I have done three questions out of five, so at least thats not to bad. so, whats new every one? I know one thing though, Trilly, you spell Message M E S S A G E not M A S S A G E .
that spells massage. you said you got a massage from me. thats just weird. :)
so, I am going to start another blog (don't worry, I am going to keep this one as well. I am just going to have two.) its going to be for the knitting club I am starting. we are going to knit squares and sew them together to make blankets, which we are going to send to Warm Up America.
then, the blankets will be given to homeless people. so, I just hope it works. :)
so, I am going to go to Trillys this afternoon! well, I have to do my homework.


Cat said...

Cool. I'm so glad I finished my questions yesterday, good luck with yours! Besides that, happy snow saturday. (Official title from... ME.)

Cat said...

heyyy why'd you change your blog layout thingy back?