Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Bucket List

Hey everyone!
So, I still actually have a few months left in summer, believe it or not! And even though most of those days are pretty jam-packed with stuff, I still might have the occasional 24 hours where I might be able to get something else done. Something I really want to do. Me. Myself. Not to say that I don't want to go to Girl Scout camp, do Lifeguard training I, or take summer piano lessons (alright, well, maybe I could do without the piano...), but hey. That's not my entire summer (Or is it? Please God, don't make that be my entire and complete summer! PLEASE!).
So without further rambling on my part, let me introduce... My summer bucket list.

  1. Read and review at least ten books.
  2. Learn at least one more Kabalevsky song.  <--- Did this! :)
  3. Refashion at least some of the t-shirts taking up room in my... well... room. <---Done!
  4. Talk to at least one person every week who isn't Matt, Katie, or one of my siblings.
  5. Finish my Geology science course  (part one.)
  6. Learn at least four new words, and use them in my regular sentences. (word one: Autodidact.)
  7. Go to the beach.
  8. See Harry Potter 7 part two in theaters. 
  9. Splatter paint at least one t-shirt.
  10. Modify my (boring) brown shoes I got at a rummage sale. <--- I did this!
  11. Edit one of my novels at least once. (This includes collective novels.)
  12. Go outside at least once every day. (This one'll be tricky... xP )
  13. Write a lyric poem (a somewhat random collection of sentences!) every week. (Maybe then I'll feel accomplished.) <--- No way I'm ever going to be able to do this.
  14. Start learning French. Again. (What is this, the fifth time I've tried? Jove!)
  15. Be more social. (This one I'm definitely expecting to go unfilled. Or maybe Girl Scout camp will give me my chance... Hm....)
  16. Learn to play "Poor Unfortunate Souls" on the piano. >:D  <--- I can't do it well, but if I get the music from the library again, I can do it.
  17. Finish NEM 2 (my math... This probably won't happen until like, October... Oh well... October is still summer. [If I keep telling myself that, maybe it'll be true!])
  18. Come up with some really, really awesome Halloween costume. A really awesome one. <-- I'm going as Mary Poppins. The only person cooler than her is.. wait... nope. No one.
  19. Walk to the library. 
  20. Solve the stupid rubik's cube!
So, there you go. There's my summer bucket list. I'll probably keep updating this, with what I've done, what I haven't... Adding stuff.... So if you're at all interested in this (pssh, you aren't), you can keep checking in.
Right-o. Off to... Do whatever thing I'm going to do after this.


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lucyclark;D said...

awesome list! xD I might need to make one of :P

Followed your blog, maybe you could take a look at mine? :)

thanks :)