Monday, May 23, 2011

Where I Shall Be Disappearing To This Summer (part two!)

So, some of you have already read my "Summer Plans" post. This is sort of a continuation of those excuses! Because... dun dun dun... today I actually took the trouble of searching around the OYAN forum, and the OYAN wesbite, to find out that there is going to be a contest this year.

The deadline is August 15th.

It is currently May 23rd.

That means I have three months.

"Alright", you're thinking. "Angela is officially a nutter." Well. I'm not arguing with that fact. But. I am intending to enter this contest. Which means that I have to write a GOOD 12 chapter novel, edit, format, and submit it in less than three months. Some of which time (a week, exactly) I will not even be here. Another four weeks my entire morning will be taken up with Junior Life Saving lessons. And I have homework, literature class, I'm teaching Kenneth piano lessons, and I have to do all my regular homework.

Yet, I'm still trying to enter this thing.

So! I'm going to need some encouragement with this! I have Write Or Die  , I have EditMinion, I have the OYAN forum (anyone up to critique? ;) ), and I have a ton of friends.
And I have my trusty computer. (The one who doesn't randomly freeze up and delete my writing! Booyah!).
Oh. and I have three months.
(And this video. :D )

So, let's see if I can do it!



Cat said...

Wow! You're ambitious (that's not really the word I wanted to use. I couldn't think of anything else at the moment) But I bet you can do it! *encouragement vibes*

Also, got the comment on my blog which I promptly clicked the wrong button and deleted. Nbd though. I agree, about my text color and link color, I've been wanting to change that as well so it's less painful to read :P Maybe I'll do that today, ha.

Anyway, again, good luck with your book for your contest-- and everything else you have going on this summer, haha!

Cat said...

And since I'm too random to keep this to one comment, what's junior life saving lessons? It sounds like you're training to be a super hero. Which'd be cool. But I doubt that's exactly it :P

Cat :D said...

Good luck!!! I'm sure you'll do great!! :D

Angela said...

@Linda: Thank you! :D lol.
yeah... that'd be good. :D
Junior Life Saving... Is the first level to becoming a life guard. Next year I take "life saving" and then I get certified. :D

@Cat:D : Yay!! thanks!