Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to Avoid Answering Questions You Don't Want to Answer

Are you sick of answering awkward questions? Do you live in fear for the days you know you'll meet nosy people?!
Do you find yourself changing the subject all because you know that you have no good reply?!
If you answered YES to any of those questions then this guide is for you!!!
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Chapter Two: Avoiding Questions

   Chances are, if you're reading this section of The Guide, you've found yourself up against some uncomfortable questions. Maybe it's your mom, asking you how your day was. Or it's your annoying brother, asking whether you have a crush on a certain guy. Or maybe it's just your friend, asking you whether or not they're invited to your birthday party, when you know you aren't inviting them.
   In any of these situations, you probably find yourself changing the subject immediately, in a desperate attempt to get away from the question as fast as possible, without answering it.
   Let us look at an example situation:

Lucy: So, do you have a crush on Jamie?
You: That math test is really horrible.
Lucy: HA! You DO have a crush on him!

   As you can see, if you really wanted that to be a secret, that is not the best way to go about hiding it. Changing subjects rapidly and without answering the original question only provokes the questioner, and causes them to just pursue the subject more relentlessly. 
   A better way to avoid uncomfortable questions is to briefly answer the question and then to change the subject by making a comment on your surroundings. Let us look at that same example, only using the new, improved, and better technique.
Lucy: So, do you have a crush on Jamie?
You: *shrugs* kinda, I guess.... Hey, Lucy?
Lucy: ha... yeah?
You: could you help me out with this math problem? The math test is really horrid.
Lucy: yeah, sure. It is, isn't it?

   The important thing to remember when answering the question is not to straight out deny anything, nor straight out say yes, either. If you said "No!" when Lucy asked you the question, you would have provoked her more. If you had said "Yeah, yeah I do", it does the same thing. The idea is to answer somewhere neutral, but in either direction.
   Another important thing to remember is to use your surroundings. If your little sister does something really cute, point it out! If you see something really colorful, point it out! If Lucy has something in her hair, point it out! Thing is, changing the subject using your surroundings is a lot more deceptive/sneaky than it is to start talking about something completely unrelated to anything!

Now, go out and avoid those questions.

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Cat :D said...

I always get asked awkward questions! Normally I just say "wait just a second..." then walk off...Maybe your idea is a bit better....lol :D