Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger... Fifteen reasons it stinks.

  1. It deleted the comments I got from Sandy and from Cat two and three days ago, without me telling it to.
  2. Half the time it tells me it can't post my posts because of some tag error, when all I've done is type.
  3. It makes tag errors when all I do is type.
  4. Sometimes, when I put on pictures, what Blogger does is make them go invisible when I'm on the "compose" tag, so I upload them twice, and only realize it when I post.
  5. It's really tricky for me to figure out where my followers' blogs are located when I click on their pictures.
  6. Most times when I try to post, I have to try twice because it says that it saved it at the same time I was posting it, and I should just try again.
  7. When I go to sign in, it sometimes makes me type my email address and password about fifteen times before it will register that I have signed in.
  8. It's tricky to find my dashboard.
  9. It's stupid when I try to put up a new background.
  10. It goes all wonky on me when I put up a custom header.
  11. It's so fussy about what your domain name is.
  12. It won't let me use different font sizes within one post.
  13. It makes changing the color of my letters really hard.
  14. It never tells me what my original font is, so I have to go through all of them if I want to change a copy paste section into the same font as the rest of the post.
  15. It has a really, REALLY bad search engine. (I search "Rachel Carson" and it'll pull up something about Girl Scout Camp. *headdesk*)
That's all for now. :)


Rach said...

lol, that comment thing happened on my post too. it actually deleted my post for a day (up now again though, how? im not sure, lol) and along with it the comment.

Cat said...

AGREED. And I don't know if you noticed, but it was COMPLETELY down for about 24 hours, ending yesterday morning. Without warning. It deleted comments and posts from those 24 hours, and some from before. Some came back, some didn't. >.<

Cat :D said...

Blogger does get pretty iratating, lol :P Great post XD

Sandy said...

It's free and it exists =P That's good enough for me.

Sandy said...

It's free and it exists =P That's good enough for me.

Annaxandria said...

I agree with 5 & 8, the rest never happen to me. :P