Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

This homeschooler, to be exact.

See, so many people ask me "what's your day like?" because I'm a homeschooler, that I figured that I might as well just write a post on it, since they all seem so intent on knowing my exact location at each moment in the day.

Come to think about it, that sounds somewhat stalkerish.

Anyway, here is my day, today, starting this morning, and going until now. (1:35 PM). I will then write what I expect to accomplish in the later hours of the day.

6:00- I wake up, start listening to music, and lay in bed.
7:30- I get up, after deciding that I'm not going to lay in bed anymore, because I feel like a sloth. I go upstairs, sit in the living room for five minutes or so, realize that the only people up are my sister, Christina, and my brother, Kenneth, and then decide to actually productive and do my math homework.
7:45- I start doing my math homework and reading the day's comics.
8:00- I eat breakfast. (For all you SUPER stalkerish types, it was cinnamon sugar toast and cereal. Boring.)
8:20 to 10:00- I keep doing math. I finish one math exercise of easy word problems and start another one.
10:30 to 11:30- I take a shower, complete my personal hygiene routine, eat lunch, and start my science homework.
12:00- I take a break from science to play Disney songs on the piano, hold Philip, and load the dishwasher.
1:00- I go back to doing science homework.
1:30- I decide to do a blog post.

that's all I've done today... I'm also planning to finish mt new math exercise (NEM 2 exercise 4.2, word problems dealing with money... easy peasy), finish my science homework (draw a picture showing how similar fossils being found in Brazil and South Africa is a reasonable amount of proof for continental shift), do some history (reading... I think I'm in the middle ages now), practice my actual piano (Guild Auditions are on Friday... And my recital is on Saturday... o_O), I might re-do a blog background for here (this one is kind of... dark...), I want to finish reading these (two) books, and go to the library*, and go outside for a walk. :)

*ever get it where you get a ton of books from the library, and for the first few days you have them they look really really interesting? But then a week later you go "Oh! Let's read something!", and you look through your books, and all of them are "Meh"? I don't know why, but that's what almost always happens to me. I end up having to read all the books I get in the first week I have them. Which is hard for me. :P So I have to get more books. Besides, I need to get "Dandelion Wine" for my literature class  book club. :)

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Sandy said...

You're going to read Dandelion Wine?

WHEEEE!!!! YAYY!!!!! That's the greatest book ever ^_^