Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Summer Plans

Hello, everyone!

I realize I haven't posted much recently, breaking from my "complete and total blogging addiction" as I say. :D But.
This is going to change.

Right now, I'm super busy.. You can thank Philip (one "L", not two... geesh), a ton of homework, a crabby computer, a crabby sewing machine, my other hobbies (refashioning, sewing, writing, planning-things-that-will-never-happen, cleaning my room, doing homework, talking, being on the computer, etc., etc., etc.), and just generally my lack of subject matter to write about.

I guess you can also blame it on the fact that after writing one or two really funny posts, I now feel pressured to be funny in all my posts, which is really, REALLY hard for me, since half the time the only thing funny about me is my tone of voice.
Which you can't hear over the internet.

But anyway, the point of THIS non-funny post, is basically to write up all my excuses why I won't be posting a ton over the summer.
I know it's lame.
Give me a break.

So, here are my reasons.

  1. Girl Scout Camp. Again, I will be attending a Girl Scout camp. Woot! This time as a Senior Girl Scout... I'm so freaked out! It's going to be really fun, but it also takes up an entire week (the ending one of June, to be exact.)
  2. Junior Life Saving Lessons. Well. My mom hasn't signed us up yet. But she is going to, soon. These are going to be in the morning, almost every day for about four weeks. But the fact is, I'm going to come home with only two goals in mind: Eat. Sleep.
  3. Literature Class. I'm taking a literature class (Ha! It's much more like a book club) at my friends Catt and Mikel's house. The books are going to be quite a bit harder than the ones I did over the fall/winter, and I'm going to be spending a ton of time trying to get through them.
  4. Book Challenge. Must I say more?
  5. Piano Lessons. Not only am I probably taking summer lessons, I am also going to start teaching my younger brother, Kenneth, how to play piano. Possibly even Veela, although I don't know whether she'd actually listen to me. *eyeroll*
  6. Letterboxing: This year is going to be my letterboxing year... Though that's something I tell myself every summer. But really, this year I mean it! I'm going to actually try to up my F (find) count this year! Yay go Garden Elf!
  7. Farm Trips. I am planning to go to Wisconsin at least once this year, possibly for an extended (Read: two weeks or so) visit with my family, this summer. One can hope, anyway.
  8. Refashioning. If I'm not already obsessed, I don't know what I am. Besides, with teaching Ken (read: my mom paying me) I might actually have some money to go and buy stuff to refashion! :D
  9. Gardening. I am actually going to take care of my garden. (Go ahead. You can call me on that lie.)
That's about all I can think up... Unfortunately. I do like to have nice, even, "ten reasons" posts... oh well.
Maybe number ten just went invisible?


Cat said...

Don't feel pressured! :) Btw, I think you're funny more than your tone of voice..
What are junior life saving lessons? Pardon me if I just don't know. :P

Sandy said...

Aw =( Does this mean you aren't coming to the OYAN workshops?

Angela said...

Your garden is a big dirt pile. Get to it, girl!