Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kezia Dustin!

Valerie (my absolutely amazing sister) drew this for me! It's a picture of the main character for my book. (still untitled) Her name is Kezia Dustin (although "Dustin" isn't her real last name, it's her mistress' last name, so she took it as hers, as she doesn't know her own last one. :) ) Isn't she purty? Valerie drew her just how I imagined her! It's amazing!


Sniper said...

Wow that's a great pic!!!


Chelsea said...

'ello :o) That is an amazing picture. I have just found your blog, and I am stalking/following (er, I mean "seeking updates") from it. I am a 14 year old home educated girl from England.

If you would like to visit my blog, you can see it here:

Thanks :)
Chelsea x