Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hullo everyone, and goodday, too!!

So, goodday to ye, too!!

Today I took another practice AP test. Last time I took one (without it being a re-take) I got a 3. Now, let me explain this. 1 is bad. very very very bad. No colleges will accept a one. a two is bad. virtually no colleges will accept it. a three is average. some will accept it. a four is good- most will accept a 4. a five is the very best- all colleges accept a five. Okay??? still with me?? good. So, the first time, I got a three. This time??? THIS TIME I GOT A FIVE!!! *screams* *throws confetti* *throws cake* *does victory dance*

oh, and instead of conditioner, use vinegar. I used white vinegar in my hair today, (rinse it out, silly), and it works amazing. :P just had to say that. :P But don't get it in your eyes. I swear, it felt like my eyeballs were being burned out of their sockets. Just a word of warning. :P

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