Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Books, music, AP tests, birthdays, and "literal videos"

So, as the title indicates, lots has been going on! First, a GIANT apology for not reading your people's blogs! I swear it's not personal, I've just had a lot going on. Thank you for awards that I may have been given, and I'm honored!

okay. So, recently we've been watching these "literal" videos. I suggest you go and look some of them up. They are hil-ar-i-ous. :) We also had to look up some of the ACTUAL songs, and right now "video killed the radio star" is running through my head. Video killed the radio star, video killed the radio star.... So yeah. :P

Also, lots of studying for the AP test. Fun, eh? Not especially. The last practice test I took, I got a five (may or may not have told you guys, but anyway, too lazy to go and look at it, :P ). The AP test is coming up and I'm really kind of freaked out about it.... It's going to be held in the local Highschool, where (if I were going to highschool) I would be attending. :) My mom told the people there that I was a freshman, so we have to make a student id that supports that. I can have the same ID for about two years. :P

And Happy birthday Trilly!!! (she's 13 now, well, four days ago) So, yeah. *Throws confetti* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

also, I have no clue why the font is so huge, I swear (and Valerie is my witness) that I've tried to change it. :P


Annaxandria said...

Hi, I like your blog. It's really cool. I wish you good luck on your AP test!


Cat said...

Dude you should get a state id like I did, you like, get it at the place where you get a drivers license except you can get one at any age and they take your picture and everything. Tis coolz. And it looks like a driver's license except it's not, hahahahaha.

Mizz Ali said...

hey!!! i was wondering why there were no posts! LOL!!u sed you got a 5 for something, what was it out of??

Angela said...

Thank you, Annaxandria!!!

Ali, check here:

that should explain it, I hope. :) *mock glares* humph. no posts.... *mutters* :) :) lol.