Sunday, August 16, 2009

hi peoples!

So, whats new with everyone? here is what is new here:
1. for some reason I have these weird rings on my skin (it isn't ringworm.)
2. I missed my orthadontist appointment (so we're going to schedual another one)
3. I'm like, really close to getting my braces
4. my hair has grown like, an inch since I cut it.
5. GLITTER makes everything better.
6. I won an awesome award, but I've been to lazy to put it up.
7. The Johnny Depp sleepover was awesome, but I didn't really get very many pictures, and the ones I did get are mostly of Trilly laying on a sleeping bag, Nina looking very weird, the top of Eva's head, and Elena looking somewhat like Gollum. (sorry Elena, but it's true. that one where you were going to stop me from taking the picture, and you thought it looked like you're jumping?)
8. I have gotten to page 17 in my government book, and I need to get to page 32 before Thursday. (and be ready to discuss it)
9. I finished my knit tanktop! now all I have to do is finish my skirt, and I'll have a whole outfit!
10. I can't wait till the government movie night, it'll be so WEIRD to see all those other people in my house, LOL! Like Jeff (jerk), lol! or Robin, who I've only met once, or, well, basically everyone (excpet KT and Linda) lol lo lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.
11. I laugh much more in type than I do in real life. ask Linda.

so, thats about it. I've also been making Harry Potter book covers for lots of my books. oh, and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I HATE doctor's appointments. I actually like dentist and orthadontist's appointments, but I absolutely hate the doctor's ones. But, luckily, since I've like, almost never been sick enough to go there, I only have one appointment a year, which is my yearly check up. YAY! also, I've discovered that if I want to hang something up above my head, I just pin it up (using sewing pins) into the mattress above me. lol, isn't that neat? and random...
I served church today, and went letterboxing in the rain. (I was soaking wet! yay!) and we got notebooks... yup, I had a good day today, thought it's almost over! sob. I also learned to crochet today, and I've been working on a purple colored crochet square. :D only it's more like, a purple crochet J, as one of my rows was to tight and it made it into a round shape, lol.
well, I g2g get in my pajamas, so I'll post more later.

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**NeonGlitter** said...

Hi Angela!

You have won an award! Check out my blog to get the award and see what place you came in! :o)