Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello people!

hi people. :D so, to catch up on stuff (yes, some things actually DO happen in my life)
here, I made a list. (I love making lists!)
1. Robin, AND Jeff have dropped out of Am. Govt.
2. I'm back from my sleepover with KT. hehe, I stayed up until 1:30 AM!!! then woke up @ 7.
3. It's COLD. it's all pretty out, but seriously, I think I'll have to start getting long sleeve shirts!
4. I (still) don't know what to be for Halloween.
5. Piano starts next week, and so does Atrium.
6. I have to get caught up on my Writing...
7. The Girl's Club (aka, the Nina Club, lol. jk.) was at my house, and it was... ok. Though only Elena and Nina could make it... I wonder if this is giving me a hint. jk.
8. I've started to figure out Harry Potter songs on the piano, YAY!
9. I'm going to make cookies. (cause I WANT too!)
10. today I'm going to re-start my French lessons. I will learn French, I will I tell you, I will!!

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**NeonGlitter** said...

Bonjour Angela!

Ca va? Je m'appelle Ambre!

Au Revoir!
Hello Angela!

How are you? My name is Amber.


I'm learning French too! My cousins are French and that's where they live. I already told you that though in a letter, lol.