Monday, May 18, 2009

American History

hi people!
sorry I haven't posted, since, whenever I posted last.
today was my last history class, which I am both sad, and happy about.
happy, I don't have to take a test every Monday, woot, sad cause now I won't see
everyone all the time. =( lol, I have everyone cept Rachel, Lucien, and Jeff's phone # though... lol!=)
in fact one of them just sent me something, yipee. so, what has been new in the world of normal people? wait, back to history, lol, my mind wanders so much....
so, I got there, and we did our tests, yay. then we had pizza, and soda, MINE EXPLODED!!
like, there were all of these leaks in it, so Chris helped me put a paper towel around it. I am still kinda annoyed that I didn't think of that... but anyway, we played jeopardy, my team lost. by twenty points, which actually wasn't that bad. then we went outside and jumped on the trampoline. a lot. it was fffffffffffffffffffffffffffun.
oh, gotta go tell my dad that the timer went off. bye.


Cat said...

Lol- why would you want Jeff or Luciens number, lol: :P
Trampolineeee. Sry our team lost. But it was luck we got all the questions well, but we just didn't have the big pointers as much. :P :) :)
And that soda was officially EVIL! :P

Angela said...

I don't want their number! lol, did I forget to mention that??!! oops, I did. =/ thats ok, we almost won, cept we couldn't get that question.

Cat said...

Yeaaaaaa well that question wuz harrddddd. Lucien mr. smarty pants couldnt even get it.. :P