Thursday, May 7, 2009

yeah, I know, I have to stop doing this Harry Potter quizes, but they are so addicting!!

What do the Harry Potter characters think of you???(tells you your house too)
SmArT AnD PoPuLaR RaVeNcLaW HaRrY-shes HOTT! i would ask her out but shes always sorrounded by her frends
RoN-she has way 2 many frends and is rlly smart
FrEd + GeOrGe-shes a big costumer 2 our shop
HeRmY-shes my study buddy and shes a prefect
NeViLlE-shes very smart + helps me w/ potions
GiNnY-shes my bffwltgsal(best frend 4ever who likes 2 go shpping alot)
LuNa-shes rlly smart + when I dont know the password 2 the common rooms she helps me
ChO-shes my bff + we hang out a lot
DrAcO-shes rlly smart maybe even smarter than the modblood(HeRmY comes over + punches him)
PaNsY-I agree w/ DrAcO(HeRmY comes over + avadas her then laffs evilly)
VoLdIe-I like told her that w/ her smarticles + my evilness we could rule the world + she waz like "Dude get a life"
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