Sunday, March 1, 2009

the carnival for children's book reviews, or whatever its called.

so, here it is, this is all of the things, and sorry if this sounds stupid, this is my first time doing this...

First I have Neal, at Secret Brother Neal's Blog and he is reviewing the Edge Chronicles Book I and you can find his review here. The second blog I have is called Pass The Torch, and this review is written by the blogger's daughter. She is reviewing a book called Mara, Daughter Of The Nile. here is where you can find it. Amber reviewed a book called Running Away, and you can find it at this site. Vienna has done a kind of book review and you can find it here, and then, if you are looking for a lot of book reviews that I, and some of my other friends have done, you can see them at this site. thats about all for now,

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