Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a poem...

here is a poem that I have written.

Summer is ok.
Priceless days are spring days though.
Right now I would trade a hundred winter days if I could have spring.
I really would too.
Not Summer, not winter, and not fall. I'm ready for spring

thats it.
you know, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.


Cat said...

cool poem! :D

♥ Amber ♥ said...

That was a good poem, spring is my favourite time of year too because all the flowers start coming out. :D

Julie said...

I thought it was lovely. I picked it as your submission to the Homeschooled Kids Carnival for March - http://www.homeschooling-ideas.com/homeschooled-kids-blog-carnival-6.html
Hope you like it.
Julie from Homeschooling-Ideas

Anonymous said...

Neat poem.

Kym said...

I like your poem! I love Spring, too ... there are some really beautiful photos of flowers in our nature photo album on our blog. Come check them out http://www.stabledays.typepad.com. And send us some of your photos if you have any nature shots.

Egg said...

short but very sweet!(:

Ginny said...

Great job on the assignment. Wonderfully thought out. Enjoyed reading it.
Author (Homeschool Kids Write)