Thursday, March 12, 2009

the play

so, yesterday was the play. my Homeschool group put on two performances this time, we had only done one... anyway, it went really well!! (there were some spots, like Maggie going "you took my line!" which no one wanted,) but most of it was good! Jimmie did really well, he did a really good cover up, and Sara and I covered up Jimmie when he said the wrong line. altogether it was really good! I didn't even run into the table! and I remembered to plug my spotlight in at the wrong time, and everyone was really good. everyone could of been louder, but I Think the audiance could here at least faintly what we were saying. I am kinda sad, (I always am) that the play is over. But hey, this fall we do another one!! and I want to do one this summer with a different stage!!

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