Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this is my little (short) thingy on Black panthers.

this is what I had to write on panthers today:

The panther is a large cat. they are about as big as a leopard, in fact they are a type of leopard.
they are black, and some have light, and dark, markings. as most cats, panthers have fur and they have retractable claws and soft pads on their feet. panthers use their whiskers to help them sense things. Another thing about panthers is the roughness of their tongues. They use this roughness to get the dirt off their fur when they lick themselves to get clean. Panthers have very sharp claws, and teeth that they use to defend themselves and to kill their food. black panthers ueat almost anything that moves. they are not picky eaters. As well as the medium sized animals, such as monkeys that they eat, they supplement their diet by eating grass, eggs, and fruit. They catch their meals by either creeping up on them in the middle of the night, and then pouncing, or they will hang in the branches of a tree and then drop on the creature when it is right below them. Like most large cats, the panther can roar, but unlike most large cats, the panther is a very good climber, see how they eat. Panthers take good care of their children, until their children are grown up, and then they had better leave, and quickly.

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