Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, you can come too, we're going to the zoo.

so, judging on the title, you can probably tell what this post is about. today I went to the zoo, along with my mom, and (all) my siblings.

So, about ten thirty we left the house. we, I might add, were all bundled up. I was wearing two coats, a scarf, a hat, and mittens, and the rest of them were also bundled up like that. so, we left the house, with Kenneth still telling my mom and me all about how Monica poked him in the eye. so, about an hour later, we arrived at the zoo. let me add that it was about twenty degrees out here, so we were about the only ones there. we all piled out of the car, and went into the zoo. first we went to the lions, who weren't out. we did get to see the Siberian Tiger, who was in its element. later we went to the dolphins. we were going to just look into the underwater viewing, but my mom saw that there was going to be a dolphin show in about fifteen minutes. as you can tell, she bought us tickets. so, we went in, and I am not kidding you, there were a total of about fifteen people there, including us (six.). so, it wasn't the best show, but it was kinda cool. then we went downstairs to the dolphin underwater viewing. in that thing there is a kinda boat virtual tour, which we went on, only because it was based in FL, and it was really warm in there. :) after that, we went out side to get our stroller (Monica and Ken rode in it later), and to get our lunch so that we could find a heated place to eat. and suprise!
I bet you don't know what we saw!
we saw a... SQUIRREL!!
and you know what?! it was in our stroller!!! and know what else?!? it was eating our lunch!!!!!!!!!!! it ate, or should I say demolished one sandwich, and ate a bit of another. my mom threw those two away. the other four were untouched, so we ended up eating them, along with cookies (banana-chocolate chip-walnut), and apples. after that we went to see the fish, which was cool, as usual. (you know, I think that I could have a fishtank where a window would be, a big one, and I would just stick a window seat there, and I could watch the fish, and read a book, and that would be really cool.) then we went to see the reptiles and the birds, which were kinda neat, it smelled really bad in there. The road runner was molting, which made him look all messed up. and after that we went to see the monkeys. I am a little freaked out by those creepy animated monkeys they stick on everything, but I just love love love watching the gorillas. I saw a mom, who was nursing her baby, and the babys sibling was poking at it. it so reminded me of what my mom and my sister Monica look like when Monica is nursing, and Christina is poking at her. my mom always says that looking at the gorillas is like looking through someone's living room window, and it kinda is. it was while were in the monkey house when Kenneth finally melted. (which means he started crying and saying he wanted to go home.) so, we hustled out to the car, and then we drove home. and my mom said that I had to do this as a blog assignment. so, thats about all for that. I hope that some people will look at this and post more.
thats about it, my fingers are (literally) sore from typing.


Cat said...

Sounds fun. Cool trip. Except the coldness, of course. And the Squirrel. But u have to admit, your going to look back and laugh at that someday. Meantime- not so much, lol.
Ooh, I had Chili tonight.
Darned test.

PrincessReader said...

Cool post! :0)
Did you see the photos on m-ohhh duuh. Obviously you've seen the photos on my blog 'cos you commented!!! LOL!

I like monkeys, they're cute, lol.


SEP said...

Sweet!What zoo were you guys @?

Angela said...

we go to Brookfield zoo.

Vienna said...

Oh I love the zoo

Kym said...

Love your blog! I just love the zoo ... I am a HUGE animal lover. Cool tiger photo. I love watched the gorillas, too. We went to a farm the other day and saw tons of baby lambs - they were so cute! You can actually see them on my blog http://www.stabledays.typepad.com. Come check them out and say hi!