Sunday, February 8, 2009

this is soo weird, or should I say, I am soo weird.

so, I am soo weird. and no, thats not my favorite word. my favorite word is bizarre. lala. I forgot what I wanted to post about. :(
so, its gotten warmer here... oh, I remember! so, a few days ago I was outside playing. my sister Valerie and I had decided to make a fort, but it was going a little slow. I decided to get a square plant pot and make bricks. so, I walked over to the wood pile, and I picked up a pot, I knocked out the dead plant, and I was about to go back over to the fort when I looked up, (which really means I looked past the wood pile over to the fence which is about three feet away from the pile of wood.) well, I looked up, and I bet you will never guess what I saw. I saw an opossum. in case you don't know how weird this is to me (I bet a bunch of people have seen a possum before), I had never seen one before. NEVER. IN MY WHOLE life. that was weird. so, anyway, I think that it is somewhere near my house. sorry to you who like them, everyone has a different opinion, well, I think they are a little vile.


Cat said...

Omg, that's cool. I've seen pics of them, but never actually seen one, :) They r pretty weird lookin.

SEP said...

I've seen a few!and pettted 1 @ this thingy with animals this guy had

Vienna said...

Cool ya we have seen raccoons at are house and squirrels