Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rummage Sales, Refashioning, and Running Out of Ideas.

Hey, guys!

I have an odd addiction to getting stuff at rummage sales. Recently I went to one near my house ($5 bag sale... YES.) and got a bag of stuff. I got some amazing boots (that my mom found- thanks), a sweater, a blue shirt (a pretty blue shirt that fits O.O), a pair of jeans (only for the denim- they don't fit me), and... A stack of t-shirts.
What can I say?
I'm a refashioning addict.

So, yeah. It's all very cool. I actually got some neat ones, and I have a HUGE stack of them in my room as well.
Problem is?
I'm sort of kind of maybe running out of things I want to try.

Don't get me wrong. There's like fifty billion cool t-shirt tutes on the web. But most of them are all the same- and geared for adults. I don't really want a shirt that you can't tell I refashioned.
Truth is, I sort of don't need more shirts anyway.

Now I come with a challenge:
Come up with some ideas for refashions (can be as specific as "here is a tutorial, go make it" or as vague as "maybe like a skirt with a ruffle on the bottom or with maybe a pocket?"), and either email them to me or leave 'em as a comment.
And then I'll make 'em. :D


Sharon said...

Hey Kiddo - why don't you try a "Franken-dress" like the one over on LBB:

Obviously, you'd do it your own way, and I'll show you how to change thread on the serger if you like.

Sharon said...

I think this one is neat too:

Sharon said...

Here's one you can make for me:

Sharon said...

And if you wanted to make some $$, you could probably do it this way:

I'll bet you get takers.

That's all for now.

Love, mom.