Friday, June 15, 2012

My Epic Clock

Today I bought a clock. But not just any clock. I bought an antique clock from an estate sale. It's kind of steampunk, and extremely epic.

So I think you should look at my clock, because my clock is just really epic and stuff. Yeah.
(I had fun taking these pictures.)

This is my clock, and an epic steampunk key necklace my friend gave me (taken on top of a pillow case). It's a wind up clock (antique, I told you), and it ticks REALLY loudly. The alarm is also incredibly loud. But in case you think you've seen all the awesomeness, let me share more pictures!

This is the back of the clock. It has a wind up for the time, a wind up for the alarm, a dial to set the alarm (which is the little circle on the clock face), a dial to set the time of the clock, and a speed adjuster. But sometimes the little things are the most important...

These are two switchy things on the top of the clock, and these are what sold the clock. I'm not even kidding. Look how amazing they are! I love this clock. It's so steampunk and so awesome, and it's so worth the $15 I paid. Yepyep.

And that shot is just because I liked it. :)

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Zoe said...

This may seem unusual, but do you know how to set the alarm? I have one very similar and would love to know how to work it!