Friday, January 14, 2011

National Hat Day!

National Hat Day is on January 15th. I just learned this, via Cake Wrecks. (xD)
I felt the need to alert you all to this.
And to the fact that, personally, I shall be participating in this fantastic holiday!!
So, I encourage all of you to join me in wearing hats tomorrow.
Any Hat.
Choose a Hat.
Any Hat.

Personally, I have only a few hats to choose from *sniffle*, but the ones I have are epic. I have a red tam that I knit myself (yiiipppeeeeeeeee it's done...), a blue camouflage baseball type hat, and... well, actually, that's about it. I think I'll go with the tam.

So, I have a sort of contest/challenge for all of you readers. (all of you? Do I even have readers? xP Oh, and thank you, Cat :D, for reading my blog! It means a lot to me. :) ) The challenge is: not only must you wear a hat tomorrow (any hat...), but if you can get a picture of yourself in that hat, post it on your blog, then put the link in a comment. I'll do the same! :D

I'm not sure I'll get any links at all, but hey, it's worth a try, right?


Cat said...
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Cat said...

You should wear that awesome knit hat one that you wore to Girl Scouts that you (or was it your mom?) made that I want you to teach me how to make.

Kate said...

National hat day - haha. Yup, i will participate!