Tuesday, October 12, 2010

so sorry that I'm taking soooo long. If you even read anymore.

Which I wouldn't blame you if you don't. Read this blog anymore, that is. I know I don't *cough* read any blogs *cough* anymore.. *coughcough* sorry! I just.. there's so many amazing blogs to read and I just can't read them! *hides ashamedly* sorryyyyyy!!!!!! don't kill me!! (in fact, leave a comment and I'll go back to reading your blog.. yes it's a bribe!!!)

Tomorrow is the science fair, omigosh I'm a procrastinator. I got the email about it last month, and I didn't even CHOOSE a project until yesterday. *headdesk* I'm so stupid. Anyway, I'm doing a poll for it.. I'll post my results on here when I can. :) (really gotta get back into blogging.. and then maybe I'll get back into reading blogs!! :D ) So.. yeah. I'm back for now!
And to leave you, my brilliant blurb on sound (yeah right):

What is sound, anyway?

Sounds are vibrations in the air. When something vibrates, it causes the air particles around it to vibrate. Those in turn hit others and cause them also to vibrate, and so on. Eventually the air runs out of energy and stops moving. Think about a rock dropped into a pond. The circles move out, but eventually get slower and slower until they stop moving at all. That's like the sound waves. If you (and your ear) are close enough, the vibrations go into your ear and hit the ear drum. That in turn vibrates the same way the air was, and re-creates the “sound”. If the air waves are close together, they create a very high pitched sound- like a mosquito. If they're farther apart, they create a lower sound, like the sound of your younger sibling growling in irritation.

Sounds, while they sound the same to most people, can be perceived differently. It's up to your brain to identify the sound, and then mark it as “pleasant” or “unpleasant”. Because everyone's brains are different, people are going to think about different sounds differently. So I might think that the sound of rain is a pleasant sound, while someone else might think that it is simply horrid.


Rachel said...

Hi Angela!

Cool post! :D Don't worry about being a procrastinator, I'm one too! - well thats what my Mum says anyway, lol...
Great to have you posting again.

Rachel :)

Cat :D said...

I've missed your posts! :D x