Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let's talk stupid.

So. Today was the science fair. That went beautifully- even though there was virtually no one there, and I finished my project ten minutes before we left. (not kidding.) But it was after we left the park (we went from the church to the park across the street) that I learned something:
That park discriminates against teens.
I'm not even kidding.
This park is right on a busy street. Where people can see the park. All the time. It's about a block from a police station. And it's next to a dance studio.
A couple of blocks down the road is the local high school. When school lets out, the teenagers like to go to the park. It's right next to the McDonalds- they can get food, go to the park, sit with their friends, and talk. Pretty simple, right?
If you answered yes, you are right.
It *is* simple. There should be nothing wrong with this. The park is public land, and people of ALL AGES are allowed to be on it. As long as they aren't being destructive, or doing anything illegal, it should be fine to have a group or two of teens on the property, right? (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
But *apparently* we teens are disruptive, destructive, and just not a good thing to have around. The evidence: if more then FOUR TEENS are in the park at one time, the dance studio has to call the police.
The police then come, look around, and either sit in the parking lot until they leave (um, creepy much?) or break it up and tell the teens to leave. The thing is, virtually always the teens are just sitting on the grass and talking. Apparently there was one case where two girls were fighting, and another where the skateboarders left their skateboards in the parking lot where a car could run over them.
In my opinion, this is discrimination, and they're leaving a fairly wide area for someone to sue them.
But what's your opinion?
Leave a comment with it in it.

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