Thursday, October 21, 2010

My crazy dream from last night.

I will tell this as a story.

Once upon a time I was at a Girl Scout camp out. This campout took place in the middle of nowhere, and strangely there were no girl scouts on it, except me, my mother, and my sister Monica. (who isn't even a girl scouts.) There was a house of which no one ventured into, and then three paths leading off into the forests.
I was just walking around outside the house when something black flew at my face, and a young man with black hair jumped in front of me.
"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" he yelled (or something quite like it, I'm not sure of the spelling), and brandished what appeared to be a long pointy stick which could quite easily take out my eye.
I ducked to prevent that happening.
He turned around. "I'm Harry Potter. Those are dementors."
I nodded. Oddly this didn't seem odd.
"Here." He gave me a bottle of white spray paint. "Use this to scare them off." He ran off, waving that senseless pointy stick and yelling the gibberish words.
"Acck!" I spun around and sprayed a black thing.
It seemed to shriek though it made no noise, and fled backwards.
"Angela, Angela!"
I spun towards the voice.
My mother stood there, holding the leash attached to our dog, Fritz. "You won't believe what I Found! It's perfect for a letterbox!"
I frowned, but followed her into the forest.
For the living breath of me, I cannot remember what happened, but one minute I was walking along behind her, listening to her talk about her ideas for letterboxing, and the next minute I was standing on a bridge in front of Chicago, with two girls (who were fighting quite noisily) behind me.
Then it hit me.
I was there to get the amulet!
I took a step forwards, before man jumped in front of me.
"Am I not allowed in?"
He shook his head. "No. Chicago is closed."
I frowned. "Already? It's not even five o'clock."
He nodded. "it is... but you may want to go save them." he pointed over my head.
I turned around to see a dementor attacking the two girls, whose names I now remembered to be Meg and Kate.
"Save us!"
"Help me, save me!"
I rushed over and tried to spray the dementor with my white spray paint. It didn't work. I held the bottle the wrong way, and it flew onto my face, and I found it hard to breathe.
"Help! eeeek!"
I turned the bottle the right way, and sprayed the dementor, all the while gagging from the paint. Somehow I knew that I looked like I had a sickly white disease on my face.
"Thank you! Now we shall give you the amulet." Meg held out her hand and gave me a small round thing, which had three bars reaching upwards for about half an inch before they met and formed a cone.
"But I need the thread to make it work!" I took it from her, but gave Meg a worried look.
"No problem. You just have to dance."
I walked over to the signpost next to me. There were small scraps of blue paper pinned onto it. I have, to this day, no idea what they were for.
"But I don't dance!"
Then it was like I was in third person- I could see myself and hundreds of other people dancing! Two of them, girls dressed in long sleeved mini dresses made of a black and white woolen material, with long black braids were quite brilliant.
"Here, we award you the thread."
I took the magical thing and wrapped it around the amulet and hung it back around my neck. "I better go back."
I turned my back on Chicago and started back down the path towards the Girl Scout campsite.
When I reached the camp site, I had strangely turned into Mr Utterson- a character from the book The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde .
I ventured into the house at last, and walked downstairs.
There was a large desk, and in front of the desk was a piece of wall covered in blue wallpaper and wooden paneling on the bottom half.
Ellen Degeneres stood in front of the wall, holding a water bottle. She nodded at me, and accidentally spilled the water on the ground. Then she walked off.
A woman with blond frizzy hair walked over, and glared in Ellen's direction. "Horrible woman. I wonder how the walls would like dye?" she took out a bottle with pink stuff in it, and squirted it over the walls. Then she took out a clear plastic bottle and sprayed that over the top too. I recognized the clear stuff to be acid.
I grabbed the bottle from her, and hurried over to the desk, where my friend Dr Jekyll (who was of course the judge) sat.
"It wasn't Ellen!"
"How do you know?"
"I saw it! And you can trust me- I'm an honorable victorian lawyer!"
Dr Jekyll nodded. "I believe you. Leave now."
I nodded, and left.


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