Friday, October 15, 2010

Do you ever get it where you get one thing in your head and it won't leave?

I certainly do.
A couple weeks ago, I was trying to think of a word. I knew it started with a "B" and I knew it was used when someone said something along the lines of "He (insert word here) his sword and charged into battle." But I couldn't remember, for the life of me, what the word was!
I asked my mom. I asked my sister. I asked my smart 15 year old friend. I asked everyone. AND NO ONE KNEW! I knew it was a word. But I couldn't think of it!
And I couldn't figure it out.
Not for weeks.
Today I sent my friend (you know who you are) an email, and I asked her "*barrishes* WHAT THE HECK IS THAT WORD?! the word, it starts with a B.. I think.. and it's like.. holds up and waves in the air... You know, like He (insert word) his sword."
She emailed me back.
"Brandishes?? Is that the word you're looking for? lol"


–verb (used with object)


to shake or wave, as a weapon; flourish: Brandishing his sword, he rode into battle.
a flourish or waving, as of a weapon.

that is the word. :)
Have any of you ever had an experience like that? What happened? Did you ever figure it out?
And that concludes this post!
(and again, thank you, oh friend!)


Julia said...

No problem! Glad I could help! ;)

Cat :D said...

LOL! I know exactly how you feel! I always get quotes out of films in my head and it takes me days to work out where they're from, lol :D


Rachel said...

I have only a few days ago I couldn't remember the work for impatient, lol. Finally my mum told me, lol :D

Rachel :)