Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this is my little (short) thingy on Black panthers.

this is what I had to write on panthers today:

The panther is a large cat. they are about as big as a leopard, in fact they are a type of leopard.
they are black, and some have light, and dark, markings. as most cats, panthers have fur and they have retractable claws and soft pads on their feet. panthers use their whiskers to help them sense things. Another thing about panthers is the roughness of their tongues. They use this roughness to get the dirt off their fur when they lick themselves to get clean. Panthers have very sharp claws, and teeth that they use to defend themselves and to kill their food. black panthers ueat almost anything that moves. they are not picky eaters. As well as the medium sized animals, such as monkeys that they eat, they supplement their diet by eating grass, eggs, and fruit. They catch their meals by either creeping up on them in the middle of the night, and then pouncing, or they will hang in the branches of a tree and then drop on the creature when it is right below them. Like most large cats, the panther can roar, but unlike most large cats, the panther is a very good climber, see how they eat. Panthers take good care of their children, until their children are grown up, and then they had better leave, and quickly.

Monday, February 16, 2009

new nickname!!

so, because I am so afraid of monsters, aliens, and this one clown, my mom gave me a new nick name. its mouse.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines day!!

So, I'm not going to say Happy Valentines day, cause its in the title. So, whats up?
I haven't had anyone join my blog carnival! that is soooo disappointing!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

blog carnival

oh yes, and by the way, I am starting a blog carnival. its called the carnival of kid's book reviews. if you want to join, go here to join! =)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


so, this is totally my favorite back ground so far. I love love love Volkswagen bugs! they are just like Herbie the love bug which is my favorite car movie ever!

this is soo weird, or should I say, I am soo weird.

so, I am soo weird. and no, thats not my favorite word. my favorite word is bizarre. lala. I forgot what I wanted to post about. :(
so, its gotten warmer here... oh, I remember! so, a few days ago I was outside playing. my sister Valerie and I had decided to make a fort, but it was going a little slow. I decided to get a square plant pot and make bricks. so, I walked over to the wood pile, and I picked up a pot, I knocked out the dead plant, and I was about to go back over to the fort when I looked up, (which really means I looked past the wood pile over to the fence which is about three feet away from the pile of wood.) well, I looked up, and I bet you will never guess what I saw. I saw an opossum. in case you don't know how weird this is to me (I bet a bunch of people have seen a possum before), I had never seen one before. NEVER. IN MY WHOLE life. that was weird. so, anyway, I think that it is somewhere near my house. sorry to you who like them, everyone has a different opinion, well, I think they are a little vile.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

next year...

so, I don't mean 2010, I mean next school year, my mom has decided, and I helped her with this, that I am going to be doing a writing program called One Year Adventure Novel . it looks really cool. basically, in one year, or school year, I will write a twelve chapter adventure novel!! yayayayay for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! and guess what! I hope, if I publish it, which if I can, I mightt, or at least I will put it on my blog, I hope you read it!
(I might not publish it, but I could put it on my blog.!) that would be neato.
thats about itttt, so yup.
Angela *~*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Im going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, you can come too, we're going to the zoo.

so, judging on the title, you can probably tell what this post is about. today I went to the zoo, along with my mom, and (all) my siblings.

So, about ten thirty we left the house. we, I might add, were all bundled up. I was wearing two coats, a scarf, a hat, and mittens, and the rest of them were also bundled up like that. so, we left the house, with Kenneth still telling my mom and me all about how Monica poked him in the eye. so, about an hour later, we arrived at the zoo. let me add that it was about twenty degrees out here, so we were about the only ones there. we all piled out of the car, and went into the zoo. first we went to the lions, who weren't out. we did get to see the Siberian Tiger, who was in its element. later we went to the dolphins. we were going to just look into the underwater viewing, but my mom saw that there was going to be a dolphin show in about fifteen minutes. as you can tell, she bought us tickets. so, we went in, and I am not kidding you, there were a total of about fifteen people there, including us (six.). so, it wasn't the best show, but it was kinda cool. then we went downstairs to the dolphin underwater viewing. in that thing there is a kinda boat virtual tour, which we went on, only because it was based in FL, and it was really warm in there. :) after that, we went out side to get our stroller (Monica and Ken rode in it later), and to get our lunch so that we could find a heated place to eat. and suprise!
I bet you don't know what we saw!
we saw a... SQUIRREL!!
and you know what?! it was in our stroller!!! and know what else?!? it was eating our lunch!!!!!!!!!!! it ate, or should I say demolished one sandwich, and ate a bit of another. my mom threw those two away. the other four were untouched, so we ended up eating them, along with cookies (banana-chocolate chip-walnut), and apples. after that we went to see the fish, which was cool, as usual. (you know, I think that I could have a fishtank where a window would be, a big one, and I would just stick a window seat there, and I could watch the fish, and read a book, and that would be really cool.) then we went to see the reptiles and the birds, which were kinda neat, it smelled really bad in there. The road runner was molting, which made him look all messed up. and after that we went to see the monkeys. I am a little freaked out by those creepy animated monkeys they stick on everything, but I just love love love watching the gorillas. I saw a mom, who was nursing her baby, and the babys sibling was poking at it. it so reminded me of what my mom and my sister Monica look like when Monica is nursing, and Christina is poking at her. my mom always says that looking at the gorillas is like looking through someone's living room window, and it kinda is. it was while were in the monkey house when Kenneth finally melted. (which means he started crying and saying he wanted to go home.) so, we hustled out to the car, and then we drove home. and my mom said that I had to do this as a blog assignment. so, thats about all for that. I hope that some people will look at this and post more.
thats about it, my fingers are (literally) sore from typing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

oh oops

oh, I forgot to put this in my latest post, tonight I am going to watch Ratatouille. I am going to eat chillie, and cornmeal muffins. I had a piano recital yesssssstttteeerrrrrrday, (I made it look liiiike that to show I am hhooooooooooooolding the word outtttttttttttttttttttttttt.)
and I had a piano lesson ttttttttttoooooooooodddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. Monica, my sister, who is almost two, has apparently spilled cereal all over the floor. so, whats up people?
I know, that was so totally random.
gotta go and help Valerie (another sister) to go and put in the movie.

tests, and life.

so, I had a really bad test today. it was at American history, and Linda, you dont have to read this if you don't want to. well, anyway, I did pretty bad, I got a six out of ten. Linda got five out of ten. and I think the only reason that Katie did well, she aced the test, is because her mom is the teacher. So, the play is doing well, its going ok. they had better not cancel the next one, or my mom says that she will direct it. so, yeah. for you who may not know, I am in a play, and its called beauty is a beast. I play the fairy godmother.
thats about it for right now.