Monday, February 28, 2011

Text abbreviations: A guide.

Hello. It has come to my attention that many of you (*cough*adults*cough*) people out there have been misusing text abbreviations and phrases. This is a grave error. Not only does it convey the sense that you do not know how technology works, that you cannot communicate over texts (le gasp!), and that you are perhaps.. could it be... unfamiliar with the phrases?! But it also makes people cock their heads to the side and look at your text message/email/letter with confusion, because you have not replied in the correct way, or you have used the wrong word/phrase.
Therefore, and for your convenience, I have decided to provide a short guide to the confusing world of lols, brbs, and even 'sup s.

Word or phrase: brb
Definition: The common, and well known definition of "brb" is "be right back". However, brb is often used with this, fairly secretive, and rarely voiced, definition: "I am going to leave for anywhere between five minutes and an hour, but I still want to bother you with my chatter, so I'm going to leave you hanging here, afraid to put away your phone/close your email, because you don't want to offend me. Have a nice day!"
Similar words or phrases: "tty after"
How to respond: "kk", "ok", "okey dokey" "okey dokey artichokey" (a personal favorite of mine)

Word or phrase: lol
Definition: laugh out loud. LOL is often used to mean "I am amused".
Similar words or phrases: "literally LOL" "ROFL" "LMAO"
How to respond: "xD" ":D" "lol"

Word or phrase: Literally LOL
Definition: I am literally laughing out loud... I am not merely amused.
Similar words or phrases: "LOL" "ROFL" "LMAO"
How to respond: "yay!" "lol." "awesome!"

Word or phrase: ROFL
Definition: rolling on floor laughing. ROFL is usually only used when someone is literally LOL-ing, but they don't want to waste text characters with "literally LOL".
Similar words or phrases: "Literally LOL" "LOL" "LMAO"
How to respond: (see "Literally LOL")

Word or phrase: LMAO
Definition: Laughing My A** Off. This is usually found mostly on Youtube videos, or teen sites... it's pretty much the same definition or ROFL.
Similar words or phrases: "LOL" "Literally Lol" "ROFL"
How to respond: (see "ROFL")

Word or phrase: ttyl
Definition: talk to you later. Basically meaning, "I'm leaving for anywhere from an hour to... forever. Goodbye."
Similar words or phrases: "g2g" "gtg"
How to respond: "Bye!" "Cya!" "Seeya!" "Goodbye!"

Word or phrase: g2g; alternative spelling; gtg
Definition: Got To Go; Gotta Go. Basically used when someone doesn't have enough time to explain why they're leaving you... or when they simply want to go away as fast as possible. (You've been boring them with your rants about the traffic again, haven't you! tsk tsk.)
Similar words or phrases: "ttyl"
How to respond: (see "ttyl")

Word or phrase: tty After
Definition: Talk To You After. Or, I'm leaving for too long to use "brb"; I have something to do (piano lessons... a class), but I want to talk to you afterward, SO DON'T LEAVE ME; Expect me to text/email/message you in a little while.
Similar words or phrases: "ttyl" "g2g" "gtg" "brb"
How to respond: "kk!" "ttyl!" "alrighty."

Word or phrase: What's up; 'Sup; wazzup; what's new
Definition: What is going on in your life that I haven't heard about? When any of these spellings, it is important to remember two things: that people usually do not actually want to know what is going on and they are simply trying to prolong an obviously boring, meaningless, uninteresting conversation, until you and they hit on something interesting, OR they have something they really want to tell you, but simply find it safer to ask YOU what's up, so that when you say, "not much, you?" they can talk, and say that you asked. (NOTE: there are of course the exceptions... kind people who use these phrases even though they really DO care about what is going on in your life. Make sure you know who is talking to you, before you reply with one of the suggested responses.)
Similar words or phrases: (n/a)
How to respond: "Nm, you?" "Nothing..." "eh... you?"

Word or phrase: NM
Definition: not much. This is exactly as it is abbreviated.
Similar words or phrases: (N/A)
How to respond: (N/A)

Awesomesauce, definition of:

Awesomesauce; Noun, Adjective; [aw-suhm-saws]

The definition of awesomesauce is "clean" "not dirty".
According to the Urban Dictionary, "the origin of 'awesome sauce' is probably from Strong Bad, although in that case he refers to a cleaning product with the trade name of Awesome Sauce."

Awesomesauce used in a sentence:

"That is awesomesauce!"
"The most awesomesauce person ever."

the definitions of these sentences would be, if you substituted "clean" (the definition of awesomesauce),
"That is clean."
"The most clean person ever."

Related words:
awesomepossum (definition: awesome)
awesomesaucum (what you say if you wish "awesomesauce" rhymed)

this article brought to you by Mrs. Sharon, and Angela, from N. O'Plaine academy. copyright 2011.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I know, I know, three posts, two videos, all in one day..

but you have to watch this. This, my friends, is my friend in real life (yes, I hang out with freaks), Mikel... make him famous. Watch the video. laugh. xD

small request time:

Here we go. For Girl Scouts, I have to have people sign energy saving pledges. So I wrote one up. It's kind of wimpy. But hey, it's something, isn't it? xD so, anyway, here it is... if you want, you can just copy and paste it to your blog and then say you signed it, or something... then ask others to do the same!

Energy Saving Pledge by Angela

I pledge to:

Make my best effort to turn off lights when I leave a room.

Not to leave the computer on when there is no need of it. (particularly when it would serve as distraction from things I have to do... like homework.)

To not leave the television on when it is not needed. (also when it would serve as a distraction from things I have to do.)

Not to have lights on when it's already light enough in the room.

To make sure that all electronics are turned off before leaving the house (assuming that there is no one home.)

To kill all Vampires... Power Vampires, that is.

To recycle, especially when it's just as easy as throwing something away.


(oh, and for more information on Power Vampires, please see my post here.)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Yahoo! Should Hire Me:

Dear Yahoo!,
I am here to tell you that you should hire me right away. Why, you may be asking, would you be hiring me, a young teenage girl, with no experience with jobs, and much less experience when it comes to being an internet worker?
Well, I was signing into my email account earlier today, and I couldn't help but notice the obnoxious picture of a car behind the sign in box. Written in purple letters in front of that, is a sign that reads, "Faster Is Funner". Now, I may be fairly inexperienced, but even I, a HOMESCHOOLER (*gasp*) know that "funner" is not a word.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I feel so proud..

INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

Friday, February 11, 2011


It seems to me that there are currently two tunes being sung, about being different. Of course, "different" can mean a lot of things. I think in this case, I'll define it as being, "slightly, partially, or completely of a different opinion/style/emotion/taste as a particular group of people." So basically- anyone who isn't a zombie clone of everyone else.

On one hand, there's the classical, "Everyone's different! You should embrace your individuality!" song. I've been hearing that one for almost my entire life, and it's become just part of who I am. It's not a shocking song by now.

The other thing that I've noticed a lot of people (mostly teenagers, to be honest) saying, is that it's not good to be different. Have you noticed? Most people who are different are picked on. Or left out. The people who're often the smartest, the ones who have the guts to disagree with the majority, are the ones who are shunned. My sister and I get that a little bit, over the stupidest things, such as habits of speech. Many of our friends use the term, "Awesome Sauce". I have actually interviewed a "friend" of mine, Abigail, about this term. She said, "We have decided that Awesome Sauce falls from the sky like manna!"
There are a few things wrong with this definition.
First- Manna didn't fall from the sky. The bread formed from the dew that was left on the ground in the desert. Check your sources.
Second- I looked it up in the dictionary ( it bad that I have that memorized?), and there is in fact no entry for the words "awesome sauce" when used like that.
Third- I looked it up at the NET JARGON website... still... no awesome sauce.
Fourth- it still doesn't tell us what awesome sauce is, or what it's used for.

Therefore, my sister and I have come to the conclusion that "Awesome Sauce" must be a sad adaption of "Applesauce", and so we correct others as often as we deem necessary.
As such, we are often looked at as weirdos, and people laugh at us (not always in a nice way, either).

So, to get back onto the subject, is it better to be different, or better to be what the majority deems "normal"?
On one hand, we all love to be individual. There's countless books talking about how to personalize your space, your clothing, your... your life! And yet... and yet it doesn't always bring us happiness to be different, to be the odd one out, does it. And why are we sometimes discouraged to be different? Is it because people are scared of different people, and therefore want everyone to be just like them? Or is it because of trends- of one person becoming who they are, and starting a fashion that takes off. Soon everyone's acting like that one person, because all of a sudden it's "cool" to be one way. The next year "cool" will be "weird" and "weird" will be "awesomesauce."


but personally, I can't wait until someone says "Awesome Sauce!" And everyone looks at that person like they're an alien.
applesauce ain't that awesome.