Monday, February 21, 2011

Why Yahoo! Should Hire Me:

Dear Yahoo!,
I am here to tell you that you should hire me right away. Why, you may be asking, would you be hiring me, a young teenage girl, with no experience with jobs, and much less experience when it comes to being an internet worker?
Well, I was signing into my email account earlier today, and I couldn't help but notice the obnoxious picture of a car behind the sign in box. Written in purple letters in front of that, is a sign that reads, "Faster Is Funner". Now, I may be fairly inexperienced, but even I, a HOMESCHOOLER (*gasp*) know that "funner" is not a word.


Cat said...

Comcast does that too!
Dear Yahoo and Comcast,
Hire Angela!

Rachel said...

I have just given you the 7 Facts Award. Click HERE to see it :o) Wow, I haven't talked to you in ages!