Friday, February 25, 2011

small request time:

Here we go. For Girl Scouts, I have to have people sign energy saving pledges. So I wrote one up. It's kind of wimpy. But hey, it's something, isn't it? xD so, anyway, here it is... if you want, you can just copy and paste it to your blog and then say you signed it, or something... then ask others to do the same!

Energy Saving Pledge by Angela

I pledge to:

Make my best effort to turn off lights when I leave a room.

Not to leave the computer on when there is no need of it. (particularly when it would serve as distraction from things I have to do... like homework.)

To not leave the television on when it is not needed. (also when it would serve as a distraction from things I have to do.)

Not to have lights on when it's already light enough in the room.

To make sure that all electronics are turned off before leaving the house (assuming that there is no one home.)

To kill all Vampires... Power Vampires, that is.

To recycle, especially when it's just as easy as throwing something away.


(oh, and for more information on Power Vampires, please see my post here.)

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