Friday, November 6, 2009


I've decided to post. ok, so, I have this really (true) and funny quote from my friend.... *drum roll*... VIVIAN!!! ok, here goes. "Angela, you really need to get a life" she said this at her Halloween party, cause I told her I've posted about seven times a day. (on my blog.)

just thought I'd share that.

so, I've decided what languages I need to learn!!! I need to learn:

they will help considerably if, no, WHEN I become a pilot, if I fly over seas, and I'll want to communicate with people. apparently if I know French, I can muddle out Spanish, if I know German I'll do ok in like, Poland, and Chinese... China is just plain big.

that's all I wanted to say. :D

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*Vienna* said...

That's awesome you want to be a pliot i think it is a wonderful idea keeps us posted on how ur doing with the languges