Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hello people!!

ok... just wanted to say:
I may be a ditz, but I'm not stupid. (and I can be serious... I'm like, a... smart ditz? if that even makes sense. but I mean, I was at the Lee's halloween party (it was at a golf place, in a mall, and people could see us (well, no duh)) and I was like "Vivian, I just realized people can look in here and see us!!! she looked at me like I was insane.)


I'll post pictures from Halloween just as soon as I possibly can... :D

tonight I'm cooking dinner...

ya, I'm doing a kind of lame post right now, aren't I.
well, before I bore you all to death, I'll go!! bye!!! *waves*


**NeonGlitter** said...

what r u cooking?

Angela said...

I made pork chops, this weird vegetable loaf (my mom chose the menu), and fruit kabobs (with dip) for desert. only we couldn't find the sticks to put the fruit on, so we're just going to dip the fruit in the dip, lol. :D

Cat :D said...