Friday, September 14, 2007

chore wars

Chore wars.

You may not be aware that people all over the world are going on adventures, right under your very nose,But they are! You may even know a few!!! If you want to be an adventurer you don't have to travel all over the world, you just have to go to, create your character, and your off!!

The Adventures you go on aren't to the Jungles of Gahoolezakoole, or to the dungeon of Gaskins keep.

The adventures are really, though it might sound strange, Chores! Hence the name, Chore Wars.

For every chore you do, you go on the website and claim it, and then your character gets virtual Gold coins and experience points.”It's sort of like Dungeons and Dragons.” said Valerie Jacksack who participates on the site. Indeed, if you and your family participate some times you can reach an agreement with your mom for what you can get when you get a certain amount of Virtual coins, such as

maybe going shopping, watching a movie, or getting a new book. Then you click the button that says

use or drop items, say use, whatever amount you agreed on, and then then click the button that says “use” and return to your character sheet. You will see that you will have lost that many coins. As you can see this site is REALLY simple! Out of a rating of one to five I would give it Four.


Dick said...

I read your "Chore Wars" post with great interest. So, what would picking wild grapes for jelly or mowing lawn be worth?


Angela said...

it depends who is writing the rewards.

Dick Dastardly said...

For me, I suppose it's Dori. Well, the grapes went into some scrumptious wild grape jelly. . . . YUM. But the lawn mower broke and I have to fix it.

So, I suppose my reward is some grape jelly and a half mowed lawn.


Angela said...