Sunday, July 8, 2007

Book Review: The Mistmantle Cronicles, Book One: Urchin of the Riding Stars

My mom recently checked this book out from the library for me.
I tried it because 1. my mom told me she thought I would like it, and she normally knows what books I like, and 2. it looked interesting.
At first I was wary of it but I no more than opened the cover then
I was swept up in the plots of the evil Lord Husk and Lady Aspen, a drugged king, a murder, or two, the exile, Captain Crispin, a terrible plan, all the good captains, and right in the thick of it, Urchin, who was born, and lost on the night of the riding stars.
And the good part is, is that, this is only book one!
out of 5*s, I would give it this many:
*****!!!!!!!! I LOVE this book.
I would recommend this book to people who like books like Hermux Tantamoq, Watership down, and Wind in the willows.
Some people like Maximum ride I like these books, Hermux Tantamoq books, Watership down, Wind in the willows, and Mistmantle Chronicles.


Lee said...

sounds good. I will have to see if my library has it. have you tried maximum ride yet? so you know, it isn't that good until after the very begining, like a lot of other books. laterz,

koolkat1747 said...

i have read the Mismantle Chronicles and Hermux Tantamoq nooks. i loved them too. did you like max ride?