Saturday, March 24, 2012

On A Serious Note...

The other day, two of my friends and I were sitting around and one of my friends (We'll call her friend "A") mentioned something about a "suicide bunny calendar". Friend "B" mentioned that she had seen said calendar, but never actually looked at it, and I said that I had no clue what they were talking about. So, friend A decided to fill us in.

Made me sick.

The "suicide bunny calendar" is basically a calendar... with pictures of bunnies committing suicide in "creative" ways. Suicide bunny is also a comic strip (why?!) and here is one of the pictures. I, thankfully, claim no right to this picture:
And, here's another:

Actually, if you Google "Suicide bunny", you'll find whole lists of comics of bunnies committing suicide.

Now, a lot of people inexplicably seem to find these pictures funny. And, I'll admit, some of them are completely outrageous, and slightly amusing if you don't consider the fact that it's suicide.
But it is suicide.

Despite the fact that these ways of killing yourself are outrageous, stupid, unlikely to work, and otherwise defective, I still find them incredibly offensive and distasteful. Because I'm a list maker, I'll make a list of all the reasons these comics, and people talking about them as if they're hilarious, make me feel sick and angry. (Yeah, I'm a little ticked off. Sorry.)

  1. Suicide is not a laughing matter. It's real, it's horrible, and it should never be taken in jest. Suicide is funny, until you realize that there are people who have serious issues who really do take their own lives because they feel it's the only way out of whatever situation they find themselves in. These people need help, and undermining the seriousness of suicide does nothing to help them at all.
  2. You don't know peoples' histories with suicide. When you start laughing about this calendar where bunnies- poor, innocent bunnies!- are killing themselves, you aren't thinking about how that's going to affect anyone. My friend's friend attempted suicide not that long ago. Another friend's dad committed suicide. I've known someone who tried it herself. It makes me angry when people make fun of something like that... And I'm not even the suicide atemptee!
  3. There are plenty of hilarious things out in this world. Badly drawn comics of idiotic looking bunnies attempting impossible methods of killing themselves is not one of them.
  4. You're talking about death here. It's like laughing at a picture drawn of World War two. People die. They leave behind people who miss them. If you think that's funny, I think you have an issue.
  5. Anyone who starts joking about this is obviously not a very good friend if you ever do feel suicidal- or if you're worried about someone who is suicidal. By making it a laughing matter (See reason 1), you're setting yourself up to be someone that no one will trust with something that serious.
  6. Really? You have to use something so unoriginal to be funny?
  7. Most of these reasons are ridiculous, and would never work. I don't think anyone has died by having a man squish a chair leg into their brains by sitting on said chair... Why do we have to think up new ways of killing ourselves?
  8. They aren't even funny cartoons.
So, there you go. Eight reasons these things are... annoying. Grr.

I don't mean to insult anyone who finds these comics funny...
I just mean to say that if you find these comics funny, I think you're a messed up, inconsiderate person. :)

Suicide isn't funny, shouldn't be considered funny, and should never be taken in jest. :)
Or at least... That's my opinion. Anyone have a different side? The comment box is somewhere around here (button, button, who has the button?!) and I adore comments! ^_^

Yeah, yeah. I know I owe you guys a "real" post soon. Sorry!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Again- I haven't finished all my refashins (TT_TT) that I want to put up here yet, so you get this. Ta da.

First of all-
I solved my rubik's cube. It was fabulous. Then I got addicted to it. And then I stayed up until 11PM solving it repeatedly.
What happened to my sanity?

Second thing-
I signed up for my AP (Advanced Placement) test for European History! I'm going to take it at the local high school (highschool I would be attending if I were not homeschooled) on May 11th. I'm kind of jazzed about this... First of all, it will be done. Second of all, it provides endless hours of studying. I adore studying. Flashcards are my friend, and I like essays. :)
Oh, and besides that, after May 11th, I won't have to go to WC class of doom anymore. ;)

My birthday is this month! I'm going to be fifteen. I'm going to feel the exact same as I did as a fourteen year old, but I'll have gained a life level.
(Level up! :D) Huzzah for level fifteen!

I went to D&D again last night, and my character (Saije, storm sorcerer) leveled up again. So, she's actually at level 5 (I think she has something like 5,603 experience points) now, and she is AWESOME. Why? Because she has 45 hit points or so, she has a 19 will score, her charisma score is 19, she can zap things with lightning (CHAOS BOLT! Because rats have a low Will modifier... So, Charisma vs. Will usually hits...) and when she hits, she gets to add her Charisma modifier damage (Due to the spell type) AND her dexterity modifier (because of the Storm Magic), which means she gets a +7 to damage...
I adore this character. XD
And she's fun to roleplay. RP for the win!

I need a haircut.

I'm working my way through my math book, and I might actually be able to finish it this summer, God willing... I'm excited to finish it. Actually, I'm excited to get into unit 12... Statistics I! :D

Postmodernism is fascinating, as is structuralism. I'm going to have to post another post on just structuralism... It's magical.
Basically- Words have no meaning, except for the possibilities of them being used. There are infinite definitions and meanings for the word "cat", which is its definition.
It's amazing. B)